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Career Consulting

Often, something as simple as switching jobs within a particular firm, or even across businesses within the same field, can be a confusing, challenging proposition. By comparison, a complete alteration in careers can seem an insurmountable task. Starting from square one as a student, or engaging in all-new training, taxes the body as well as the mind and the emotions. We want to help you with this transition.

Our career consultations start from square one with you. Do you want to change careers? Why? What are you looking for in your career? What is important to you in life? Our trained, professional psychologists offer consultation for these tough questions. When if you aren't sure what you want to do, but feel you need a change, we provide cognitive and personality tests that provide you with valuable information on what your strengths and weaknesses are, and follow that up with personal, instructed time with one of our psychologists who have been helping people in similar situations for years.


If you, or particularly your child, are affected by an undiagnosed learning difficulty or a lack of effectiveness in the educational process, and you are concerned that dyslexia might be the primary cause, we urge you to have one of our trained, professional psychologists to assess the cause of the issue.
We have many years of experience and know how to provide a comfortable and gentle environment for testing and evaluation. Do your child's future a favour by speaking with one of our educational and children experts.


Other Assessments

We also assist in medico-legal processes, mental health assessments, immigration mental assessments, as well as a number of other wide-ranging services, all offered from one central location at the Advancement Centre.
If for any reason you require a psychological assessment, you can rest assured knowing that our trained and experienced staff of psychologists will approach your particular case with an open mind, a thorough, detailed procedure catered to your needs, with care for your privacy and accurate, detailed reporting.

Gifted Children

Do you suspect that your child is particularly gifted in some way? Perhaps he is a musical virtuoso at a very young age, or skilled beyond her years with a paint brush, or keenly interested in mathematics or the sciences. Whatever the case may be, consider having your child's aptitude assessed by our experienced psychologist.
We believe in a sensitive approach to any process involving children, and we have many years of experience working with children. Get an early start in helping to grow your child's future.