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At the Advancement Centre we have many years’ experience in assisting courts, claimants and litigants, wherever a mental health assessment or medico-legal opinion is required. We have assisted in matters as diverse as immigration petitions and personal injury claims. We have the expertise and experience to deal with many kinds of cognitive and memory assessments, as well as neuropsychological assessments.

Our detailed and painstaking assessments and meticulous medico-legal opinions have earned us an enviable reputation in legal circles, and have assisted many parties to success, both in and out of court. We pride ourselves on using plain English where possible, easily understood by all.

Our team of psychologists use validated interviewing techniques to bring focus to the key issues affecting a client’s legal situation.

Mindful that issues arising in the course of such a mental health assessment may be distressing, we conduct our assessment in a relaxed, informal atmosphere and, of course, in confidence and under professional privilege.

If you require a mental health assessment in respect of a legal matter, you should first make sure you also have appropriate legal representation – we are not a substitute for a lawyer. Inform your lawyer or immigration agent that you wish to be assessed at the Advancement Centre, and then call us for a booking. This way you will be advised about the legal aspects of your case, and we can forward a copy of our medico-legal opinion directly to your lawyer or immigration agent.

If you already have legal representation and would like to book an assessment, contact us here